WATCH: Former Metallica Bassist Unboxes Deluxe 'Black Album' Set

Jason Newsted unboxes the 'Metallica' box set
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Metallica does everything larger than life: blistering riffs, the towering sales of their self-titled 1991 album, and in recent years, extras-packed box sets of their classic albums. All three of those ideas come together in September with the release of a massive box set of Metallica - and the band got a familiar face to show off its contents to the world.

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The band recently uploaded a video to YouTube of Jason Newsted, the band's bassist at the time of the "Black Album" release, unboxing the new package. It has something for every hardcore fan out there:

  • six LPs collecting the original remastered album, a "Sad But True" picture disc, and live sets at Wembley Stadium in London (opening the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992) and in Moscow in 1991
  • 14 CDs, featuring the original remastered album, interviews with the band, demos, rehearsals, B-sides, alternate mixes, and another three live concerts
  • six DVDs, including music videos, outtakes, home movies and - you guessed it - three more live concerts (plus various footage from other tour dates in that era)

Newsted, who joined the band following Cliff Burton's fatal bus accident in 1986 and was a member through 2001, is clearly having a good time revisiting this era of his career in the 15-minute video, looking through the packaging and photography. It, of course, can all be yours when the box is available Sept. 10, alongside a lengthy charity album called The Metallica Blacklist, a collection of covers of every song off the original record.

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