Dec 2, 1979: Rod Stewart's Single Night Stand with Disco Hits No. 1

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The world moves quickly, but amongst a slew of rock artists, one very smooth Rod Stewart proved he could move even faster - specifically, on the dance floor. During its 70’s heatwave, Stewart had a one night stand with disco in a sacrilegious quest to uncover whether Blondes Have More Fun

Stewart started his research with a slew of questions, leading with his most pressing inquiry, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” in late 1978. While Stewart’s dive into disco was uncharted territory for the folk and blues singer, the spontaneous single helped propel the album to double platinum status. Released as a single in November that year, "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" shimmied its way to the top, peaking at No. 1 on December 2 in the UK and charting on top of the US Billboard Charts in February 1979. 

"If you want my body and you think I’m sexy,” Stewart sang. “Come on, sugar, tell me so," and the world leapt to its feet in response (presumably, to head over to the nearest dance floor).

His search for the truth continued with light-heard soft rock “Ain’t Love a Bitch,” and mellow rock-pop tune “Is That The Thanks I Get?” 

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Stewart’s questions commanded a divided answer from fans and critics alike who feared the vocalist’s departure from his rock roots. Yet it remained difficult to deny the distinctive energy within Stewart’s high-pitched raspy pleas even in his disco-flavored songs that ensured some things would never change. 

Love it, or love to hate it. But with 66 million streams strapping the funkadelic feeling of a tune within Stewart’s Top 5 streamed songs on Spotify, it very well might be a shame to miss this track within Stewart’s discography.

A song that represents Stewart's transition during a turning point for many artists,  the blues rock singer continued to shift musical transitions with pop hits "Tonight I'm Yours" and "Young Turks" in the 80's before diverging into romantic and easy-listening songs in the 90's - driving home the underlying message, the man can do it all. 

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