"Cold As Ice" Heated Things Up for Foreigner

Foreigner in 1977
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Foreigner's debut single "Feels Like the First Time" was an out of the gate smash in America, reaching No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and establishing the group as one of the finest anthemic rock ensembles of their time. But the follow-up "Cold As Ice" was a real display of their range as a band.

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Written by lead singer Lou Gramm and lead guitarist Mick Jones, "Cold As Ice" was not inspired by one particular relationship. "Subconsciously you draw from stuff, things that happened in your past, things that came out of relationships, the pain and the heartache of love that is intense and then so deep, and then suddenly you lose it," Jones told Songfacts. "The whole gamut of emotional feeling that you go through in a relationship. Sometimes they end, and sometimes they last, and when it's the final breakup, you're left with the memories of that relationship. So I go for that quite a bit. You're kind of digging down deep into your well of significant things that you recall from sometimes near tragedy that you go through at the time."

What sets "Cold As Ice" apart is its instrumentation. From the iconic piano riff (which Jones played) to the clipped percussion by drummer Dennis Elliott, all the way down to Jones' swirling guitar solo in the bridge, the track jumps out at you in a way that other rockers of the time just didn't. And fans were drawn to it almost immediately: the track followed "First Time" into the Top 10 of the Hot 100, settling in at No. 6.

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