Black Sabbath's First Album Cover Star is Now a Funko Pop! Toy

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One of the most spookiest and most iconic album cover stars in rock history has been transformed into a toy. Famous pop culture toy maker Funko has introduced a new toy figurine of the mysterious woman seen lurking on the cover of Black Sabbath, the legendary debut album that changed the face of hard rock forever.

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The Black Sabbath Funko Pop! toy comes complete with a case featuring the album cover art. It's available now for pre-order, with an expected December release for holiday arrival. See the amazing item below. Pre-order one of your very own right here.



Who was the woman on the album cover? Her name is Louisa Livingstone, and she was only just identified earlier this year. Chosen by photographer Keith Macmillan because of her tiny stature and fearlessness: “She wasn’t wearing any clothes under that cloak because we were doing things that were slightly more risqué, but we decided none of that worked,” he told Rolling Stone. “Any kind of sexuality took away from the more foreboding mood. But she was a terrific model. She had amazing courage and understanding of what I was trying to do.”

FUN FACT: Louisa Livingstone now makes electronic music as Indrebea.

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