The U.S. Army is "Looking Into" Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" Parachuter

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At this rate, Nathan Apodaca is angling for TIME's Person of the Year. The cran-raspberry swilling skateboarder in Idaho who's doing his best to salvage 2020 has inspired none less than an American Army soldier to get in on the "Dreams" trend.

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In his TikTok clip, the unknown soldier is seen during a military parachute exercise and pulling off the most impressive of the "Dreams" memes since the original.

The former acting secretary of the U.S. Army, Patrick Murphy, was dutifully impressed. Many commenters, however, were far from entertained, citing the extreme danger factor involved.

“You're supposed to really pay attention to your surroundings at all times and monitor where you are relative to jumpers around you,” Col. Joseph Buccino, an Army spokesman, said to Task and Purpose. “This is not a complicated matter. It’s not even an important matter.”

The soldier in the clip has yet to be identified.

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