Slipknot, Whitesnake and Sons of Apollo Postpone Tours Over Coronavirus Concerns


Slipknot, Whitesnake, Sons of Apollo ad Michael Schenker Fest have joined the growing list of bands to cancel touring plans amidst coronavirus concerns. 

Slipknot have indefinitely postponed their Asia tour, including Knotfest Japan, which was set to take place on March 20 and 21. 

In a statement, they announced, “In light of global health concerns,  Slipknot have decided to postpone their upcoming Asian tour, including Knotfest Japan.

“While decisions like this are not easy, the safety and wellbeing of the band’s fans always comes first. Furthermore in this case,  the bands and artists, crew  and local employees are also equally affected, and as such, this was the only responsible decision that could be made.

“Slipknot and Knotfest will both return to Asia very soon, and at such time that everyone can be ensured of the best experience possible.”

Whitesnake, who were slated to tour in Japan this month, have also postponed their live shows, but said they are planning on rescheduling those shows.

The band shared, “We deeply apologize to all parties concerned, especially those customers who bought tickets and have been looking forward to the Whitesnake shows.”

Sons of Apollo have also changed their current tour plans and paused on their live shows in support of their new studio album MMXX.

The band stated, “Sons Of Apollo are absolutely devastated to announce that we have no choice but to stop our currently ongoing tour in Europe, Russia and Ukraine and postpone the remaining concerts.

“The coronavirus epidemic has escalated to a point where governments have decided to shut down venues, restrict events, limit flight destinations, with no certainty for us and our promoting partners and that our shows can be guaranteed to happen.

“Obviously these European wide emergency precautions have been taken to protect the safety and health of all fans in attendance and artists and crew alike. We do agree that this is a time where health comes first and we will not endanger band and crew, nor fans.

“Furthermore, on top of the potential health implications and obstacles, the economical impact and potential financial risk for a tour from overseas like ours has forced us, to take action to limit the possibility of devastating financial losses in such a force majeure situation."

“Nobody is more disappointed then we are in this moment...

The band told fans their intentions to reschedule affected dates as soon as possible, saying, “We are really looking forward to playing each and every show once the situation has cleared, as the momentum and excitement we experienced at our two sold out opening nights in Germany and our shows in Norway and Sweden have been by far the best the band has ever experienced!”

Michael Schenker Fest were also due to play in Japan, but have halted their plans with the increasing outbreak of the coronavirus. 

Schenker tells fans: “It’s with great sadness that we have to cancel the Michael Schenker Fest tour in Japan due to the spread of the coronavirus. You’ll be able to claim a refund for your tickets, Stay safe and sorry for the disappointment.”

The global coronavirus epidemic and its spread into major U.S. cities comes directly in conflict with concert season this year, causing dozens of cancellations everywhere. 

On Wednesday morning, Los Angeles county declared a state of emergency with its report of six new cases.

 Wednesday morning, Los Angeles county declared an emergency with six new cases reported. 

“We’re in this gray area right now where events are getting canceled preemptively — before we know how widespread the problem is,” Aaron Goldstein, a Seattle-based partner at the global law firm Dorsey & Whitney, shared with Rolling Stone. “Events like major music festivals  usually carry some kind of insurance. But I can definitely see insurance companies pushing back if a festival canceled, then the situation got less severe the next week, or it turned out the illness wasn’t as dangerous as people thought. Yet there’s also a phenomenon with decision-makers where no one wants to be the one person who underestimated the risk. No one wants to be the person blamed for spreading coronavirus to thousands.” 

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