Report: David Lee Roth To Open for Kiss 2020 Farewell Tour

Chris McKay/Getty Images for Live Nation
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Chris McKay/Getty Images for Live Nation

Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth will join Kiss as an opener during the North American leg of the 2020 'End of the Road" tour, according to the Live Nation app. 

While it has not yet been confirmed nor officially announced that Roth is the opening act for the Kiss shows, his name appears in searches for the upcoming Kiss shows, as reported by rock podcast host Mitch Lafon. 

With Van Halen having been in hiatus since its last US tour in 2015 and the Diamond Dave's confession a couple months back that "Van Halen is finished," this may be a rare opportunity to see the band's hits performed live. Tickets are available for purchase here

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Stay tuned for an official confirmation and the latest updates on the dates Roth will appear with Kiss on tour. 


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