Remember That Time Chris Farley Interviewed Paul McCartney on "Saturday Night Live"?

Farley and McCartney
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Do you remember that time Chris Farley interviewed Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live? It was February 1993 when McCartney was the musical guest on the late-night comedy show. Chris Farley rolled out the latest episode of "The Chris Farley Show," a recurring skit where Farley is far too starstruck to deal with the celebrity that he's attempting to interview.

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Watch as McCartney gamely plays the straight man while Farley becomes more and more unhinged attempting to ask the ex-Beatle questions. It truly never gets old, and is a great way to celebrate that today is Paul McCartney's 78th birthday. Happy birthday, Paul! Here's to many more. And man, do we still ever miss Chris Farley. RIP, buddy.

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