Mick Fleetwood, Fashion Model?

Mick Fleetwood for Pleasing
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Of all the things that spring to mind when one thinks of Mick Fleetwood, "model" may not be one of them. But when a famous friend and fan came calling, he answered.

The towering drummer and co-founder of Fleetwood Mac is the new face of Pleasing, a fashion and beauty brand created by Harry Styles, former member of British pop band One Direction turned solo rocker. Styles has experimented with fashions since branching out on his own - he was the first man to appear on his own on the cover of Vogue - and is also an avowed fan of Fleetwood Mac; he inducted Stevie Nicks, who's called him "the son [she] never had," into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019 and first bonded with Fleetwood while meeting his daughters after a 2014 concert.

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Now, Styles has recruited Fleetwood to promote Pleasing's second product line. Shroom Bloom, available March 15, will feature psychedelic-inspired face and nail products, nail polish and apparel - and Fleetwood, sporting a purple top hat, groovy shades, pastel clothing and nail paint, and even a chain recalling the one he sported on the cover of Rumours.

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In a new feature for Vogue, Styles praises Fleetwood as "a magical man...someone who brings me - and countless others - great joy." For Fleetwood, who adored wearing nail polish so much he didn't remove it for days after the shoot, the feeling is mutual - and even might be parallel to the ethos of Fleetwood's generation. "In our time, if someone went to a concert with blue paint all over their face, you go, 'How cool is that?'" Fleetwood says of Styles' expression. "You wouldn’t say one thing or the other. That’s how I've always felt. Don’t be judgmental and have fun with it. That’s what Pleasing represents."

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